Directions to Rendezvous 2017
Author Bob Rhoton
Friday - September 8, 2017 1:05 pm
At Payson, take Hwy 260/87 North past Pine and Strawberry to where Hwy 260 turns towards Camp Verde. Go West on Hwy 260 about 3 miles to Mile Post 248. Just beyond the mile post you will see SFHA signs at Forest Road 144, turn right and go North on FR 144 for a short distance to signs marking the camp site. This is a well maintained road so it should not be any problems regardless of the weather.  For those folks coming from Camp Verde direction, head East on Hwy 260 to mile post 249 and look for the SFHA sighs at Forest Road 144, turh left and go short distance to the camp site.
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