Author Bob Rhoton
Wednesday - August 16, 2017 9:53 am
Our annual SFHA Trapping Rendezvous will take place this year on September 23 and 24th. Held in the White Mountains above Payson AZ the comfortable daytime temps and cool night's have always brought out a large following. Join us, join in. Saturday (23rd) will be filled with trapping demo's. New and seasoned trapper's first hand experience's in the field will feature tips and tactics useful to all outdoorsman. The exclusive use of cage traps on public land is no drawback when utilized as our competent trapper will demonstrate. The desert environment, low land or mountains, call for an attention to detail. We've one man on hand to pass along his working knowledge.  A Search and rescue coalition will provide a viewpoint on safety many of us often take for granted. We'll see, listen and learn from a skilled authority on how to "Cut Sign". Whether it be man or beast we can expect our crackerjack track expert to inform us all. Once again the talents of one tried and true predator hunter highlights his proven calling techniques. From how to bracket your calling stand with the terrain, blending in while on stand, the best call's and preferred firearm to take predator's we all learn something new each year from this man. Not one but two representatives from the AZGFD will be present the state of trapping as it exists in Arizona today. The importance of trapping data brings to light the positive effects trapping has for our states future. There will be information on hand covering the Sportsman-Landowner Respect Program and Landowner Relations Program.
Sunday morning there will be a Trapper's Education course provided. Required for all born before January 1st 1967. Any individual nine years of age or older may complete a trapper education course offered through the AZGFD. At 14 years of age or older you are required to purchase a trapping license to trap predatory and fur bearing animals. If under the age of 14 you're not required to purchase a trapping license, but must apply for and obtain a registration number. Use this link  to view the particulars of this class. The link will also enable registration. Walk on's are easily accommodated. 
Here are the directions to this year's RENDEZVOUS "17".  At Payson take Hwy 260/87 North past Pine and Strawberry to where Hwy 260 turns towards Camp Verde. Go West on Hwy 260 about 3 miles to Mile Post 248. Just beyond the Mile Post you will see SFHA signs at Forest Road 144, turn right and go North on FR 144 about 1/2 mile to signs marking the camp site. This is a well maintained road, so it should not be any problem regardless of the weather. To those folks coming in from Camp Verde area, head East on Hwy 260 to Mlle Post 249 and look for the SFHA signs at Forest Road 144 turn left and go about 1/2 mile to the camp site.

Show up early enough Saturday morning for donuts and coffee. There will be trapping related goods available for purchase. The silent auction is later in the day. If you're a vendor of any outdoor related product contact one of our board member's as to setting up a booth. We don't charge to see you make money.  
Our first speaker will begin at 8 am. Lunch starts when we all tire of growling belly's. Close to noon. Hot dog's, deli salad's always seem to fit. For supper there will be a variety of chili' pot's. If you want to show off your secret recipe's bring a bucket of your favorite concoction. Spaghetti with either a vegetable sauce or carnivore creation will also be on the table. 
Nothing more to say here. If you've any questions contact one of the posted board member's. Bring along one of your urban dwelling friends. They'll surely be enlightened.
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