November Youth Camp 2016
Author Bob Rhoton
Wednesday - November 16, 2016 11:46 am
November Youth Camp 2016
We just completed the first Youth Camp to be held in November and it was a trememdous success. We had 30 students of which 4 were female and happy to see them,  and some observers to attend our first November class. The weather was perfect at the Ranch and the facilities were good. The help from members and friends was exceptional and so many thanks go to tbe efforts of those who make trapping as popular as it is today. We welcome the return to our state by David and Stephanie Johnston and their friendship we missed when they moved to Texas. Welcome home David and Steph. So much of the success was the result of the hard work of Bryan Colby, Brian Blacketer, Ralph Bosse, Justin Sowden, Ryan Trousdale who came up from Yuma to lend a hand. And the many students and family members that pitched in to help. The people serving the food , please know that you are so appreciated for gettng up so early to make the coffee and hot chocolate for us and well as the delicious food you served. The students caught a few critters and everyone enjoyed the experience. A message to all the student that follow our website, I have submitted all of your information to the game and fish department and am waiting for it to be accepted. You have completed everything required of you and only have to wait to be contacted by the game and fish department to obgtain your trapping license. If anyone woudl like to comment on the camp, you can do so at the end of this article. Again, thanks to everyone that make the camp so successful.
UPDATE......Ashley Lynch, just approved the November Camp Students, so everyone should be receiving information from the game and fish department any day now as to getting your trapping number and buying your trapping license.
January 27th, 2017 10:27 am
I was there! LOL :)
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