Mexican Gray Wolf Resolution...
Wednesday - July 24, 2013 3:14 pm
Mexican Gray Wolf Resolution...
Southwest Fur Harvesters officers and members

As an organization we support the  Recovery of the original 100 Mexican Wolfs only, within the experimental recovery area only. We do not support in any manner the expansion of habitat or additional release of more wolves in to Arizona.

We mandate that the management of the Mexican Grey Wolf population must be turned over to Arizona Authorities, currently Arizona Game and Fish Department. We will only support wolf recovery that is consistent within the current habitat area and that  ecosystems ability to expand and maintain the wolves prey base. deer, elk, antelope and small game species must be maintained as valued Arizona resources as well. The management of the wolf recovery efforts can not be of greater value then the Arizona rancher and cattlemen and sportsman that will be financially impacted by wolf pack predation.

We question the "Recoveries" proposed expansion as we do not see the overall benefit of expanding the number of wolves and the additional habitat effected by the introduction into an already delicate ecosystem. Arizona has spent millions of dollars through hundreds of small and large Volunteer organizations and government programs to build  elk and deer herds, manage the big horn sheep, attempt to maintain antelope herds, turkey and many other small game populations.

We are opposed to the expansion of the Mexican Grey wolf into the experiamental recovery zone, south of I40 and north of I10. We believe the wolf recovery program should be in it's original recovery area only. We will not support the release of ANY wolf north of the Grand Canyon.
Southwest Fur Harvesters believes that with proper management that wolves will be a big game species for future generations of hunter and trappers.

Scott Corporon, Vice President

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